Monday, August 30, 2010

not calcutta

A neglectful patch of bloglessness ... I'm now working towards showing the entire body of work that is the vanishing ... all three tigers, 5,000 glass bullets and oh yes a new component that I decided upon just over a month ago.

Of course it involves LOTS of sewing and I'm now sailing close to the wind to complete it, as is often the case.

On my last day in Kolkata, I bought three beautiful white dupattas - the long sheathes of fabric that are worn draped over the shoulders. These ones are very fine cotton, open weave and handloom. Didn't have a purpose or particular idea in mind until discussing the advantages of wall-texts vs. no wall-texts with a friend, I pondered stitching the text I wanted to use on to the dupattas.

So, here is the last and longest that is not yet complete - 'the gift'.