Wednesday, December 2, 2009

edward and kate

Early yesterday morning, I went to visit Edward and Kate Alkin's grave at the Lower Circular Road Cemetery, via the phulwallah at Lake Market.

The headstone has been cleaned, the lettering regrooved but without the need for reinterpretation. The back of the stone is polished to a mirror finish and some of the small plants are beginning to flower.

And although I know where his bones are now, I hope to find some more traces of his life still.


  1. Michele,

    I've been a bit dim this week. A man contacted me with the following message, and I didn't relate it to YOU...and unfortunately I sent him back a strange reply. is his message - give hin ny apologies when you finally get to talk to him - I was having a blonde moment!

    Quote Liz.
    Would you be able to pass on my email address to Michelle or her cousin David Marland so that they may contact me.
    I don’t use Blogs and only picked up her site by just googling.
    I can supply a fair bit of info on Edward’s and Kate’s ancestors but I lack info on their offspring especially the girls – one called Gertrude married a chap Hough in Bengal.

    Edward William Alkin and Kate Alkin (nee Dudding) are my great grand parents. Until now I did not know where they ended up.
    Their son Reginald Bernard Alkin was my mother's father.
    He moved to Western Australia in 1912 to work on the State Shipping Service. Two other sons (Horace and Francis) of Edward and Kate eventually ended up there also.

    Sorry I don’t have any Armenian links (I think)

    Trevor Kidd
    I Crosby St Floreat WA
    T. 08 9387 7870
    M. 0425 818 753

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  3. Sorry, another blonde moment: his email address is