Sunday, March 21, 2010

picking up the pieces

I'm back in Kolkata and back at Khoj, just for a week. Abhida said I could have my old room back and I have to say it is a little like coming home. Tamal, Tapan, Kaushik, Abhi and Smriti were here waiting for me with a cold beer, a delicious meal and a warm welcome.

I walked up to Rashbehari yesterday and bought a few supplies, some fruit, bread, milk. So easy.

Stains on my Chintz closes on Wednesday, after having had a lot of people through the show over the last seven weeks. I have to sort out some freight issues and coming here myself was the easier option than trying to do things by email and phone. It will also be some time before I can jump on a plane and be here in under four hours. Sydney seems like a long way away.

It is so nice to be back at Khoj, though I miss Teresa not being here. This is something she made while working for the Chintz show. Two beautiful woven pieces made up from the offcuts of her large wall installation 'Language Curling in on Itself'. Teresa's weavings are a lovely reminder of the days we worked here in the studio.

The Harrington Street Arts Centre has posted images from the show, and I have attached a link here. It's a little clunky but worth looking through the work and Paula's essay.

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