Monday, October 19, 2009


Next Monday, 26th October I fly to India to begin a residency at Khoj Kolkata. This will be my fourth visit in five years. The first time in 2004 was with my mother Sylvia who was returning after more than fifty years. It was quite a journey and I knew then that I would go back. I began to consider possibilities of new work in relation to this place.

It's difficult to locate the starting point for this project but its true to say that my travels to Kolkata have helped crystallize some of my thoughts surrounding it. I won't write much about the details of my research right now, it is still unfolding. Briefly though, it relates to tigers. In particular a tiger cub that was given to his father when he was a boy. It also builds on earlier work concerning boundaries and liminal space and looks at colonialism and the British occupation of India.

This image is from a series made in 1992, entitled 'Drawing on Memory'. In this work, I was thinking about objects, the body, about histories and the way in which we move through the space of memory, time and place.

Time to re-visit.


  1. I look forward to following your journey...

    aka Ribbon :)

  2. Look forward to reading your blog and seeing your images! Alison