Friday, October 30, 2009


It's a double blog post! I can see this could turn into a recurring feature. Combine a myriad of things around me with quiet evenings and a desire to share some of this city with whoever is interested.

The mornings here are cool and its the best time to get out on the street. The morning sounds are sweeping, washing, chanting, chopping.

I walked to the Dhakuriya Lakes, 10 minutes from the studio. Busy at 7.30 am with people walking, meditating, eating, chatting, swimming ... and I only passed three joggers.

I came back via a different street, past this street shrine for the goddess Jagadhatri. She's a beautiful incarnation of Durga and her puja follows Kali Puja by about two weeks. It is a significant one in West Bengal.

My neighbourhood.

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