Saturday, November 14, 2009

possibilities within a space

I've been to the Harrington Arts Centre three times now and I still cannot come to a resolution about my installation.

My room has five doors, two alcoves high up on one wall and a fireplace.

I have one tiger, a very large number of small glass objects and a roll of red velvet. In my mind, they all take flight and move around the room, landing in various configurations that are impossible and hilarious.

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  1. hi michele,
    just wanted to say loving your blog. i caught up with lots of it this saturday morning. bought tears to my eyes to see all those beautiful images, read the stories and think about all those amazing people you are meeting...parcels to 'darling', may levy, tigers, and yummy ingredients for dinner. so wonderful. can't wait to see the images from the show! love rob, cary and oscar xo