Sunday, November 1, 2009

witches hats and tuberoses

I have fallen into the lap of south Kolkatan life, and every day presents another adventure.

Last night there was an exhibition opening at the Birla Academy of Fine Arts 'Astonishment of Being'. It's curated by Deksha Nath and includes artists mostly from Mumbai and Delhi. No wine and cheese here ... the refreshments were delicious papri chat and sweet tea. The work is interesting, a mix of video, painting, photography, installation by 20 or so artists. I'll go back during the week for a longer look, it's just around the corner from Khoj.

Archana Hande, who will also be in Paula's show next year, has a wry installation included that was made during one of the first Khoj Kolkata residencies at Baruipur. I'll see if I can find a link for it.

I went to visit my tiger maker this morning, but more on that in due course.

This afternoon I'm meeting Tamal, another Khoj member, at the Lake Market for an introduction to his vegie man, his flower man and his tea stall. I went there yesterday in search of supplies, and after some truly hopeless Hindi, came home with six eggs (21 rupees), two custard apples and a papaya (55 rupees), some bananas (20 rupees) and a beautiful bunch of tuberoses. Tamal will give me the lowdown on who to go to for what. I can't wait.

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