Friday, November 6, 2009

dhakuria lakes

My mother was a great swimmer in her youth. She won many races and trophies of which she is still very proud. Sylvia phoned me yesterday at 6.30 am and we talked for some time about Calcutta.

She told me that she, her sister Pam and her cousin Rita, used to go for midnight dips at Dhakuria Lakes.

I walked there again this morning.


  1. Michele. I love your blog! I want you to stay there longer! I want more of the earlobe hanging school children and the gentle Jersey cows! And the art stuff is quite good too;) Sylvia used to swim? How spooky! So did I - must be the Armenian genes!

  2. thanks Liz, I'm also an avid swimmer though I don't know if I'd go in the lake.